1 I'm Outta' Here (Kane / Horrorwitz, Splabbitt!! Music-2:28) D.S.I Records single (DSI #14) A side, USA. Also appeared on "I Split On Your Grave" LP & CD on New Rose, France (rose 198). CD re-issued in 1993 (?) on Overdose, Japan (CECC 00633). Recorded 1989 at Carl Sandburg Elementary School in Rockville, Maryland. Track is re-mastered for this CD! Kim Kane-lead guitar Brian D. Horrorwitz-drums & percussion Dan "Gutterboy" Bader-lead vocal Jeff Zang-bass guitar Karl Straub-rhythm guitar (The entire band sings backups.)

2 Strange Movies (Reg Presley, Dick James Music Publishing Co.-3:20) B side of previous track, same credits also. Track is re-mastered for this CD!

3 Dog Meat (Jordan / Wilson-3:32) Unreleased, recorded for Australian single (never released!), 1990 at MSG studios in Wheaton, Maryland Kim Kane-rhythm guitar Brian D. Horrorwitz-drums & percussion Dan "Gutterboy" Bader-lead vocal John "Apenuts" Stone-lead guitar Jeff Zang-bass guitar

4 I Just Sing (Reg Presley, Dick James Music Publishing Co.-3:23) Recorded for "Groin Thunder" Troggs tribute compilation CD, double LP, and cassette on Dog Meat, Australia (DOG 026). Same credits as previous track. Kane also played the sitar on this song.

5 Goin' Nowhere Fast (Zang / Horrorwitz, Third Eye-2:10) Unreleased, same line-up and recording credits as track 3.

6 Free Love (Kane / Horrorwitz, Splabbitt!! Music / Third Eye-1:35) Unreleased, same credits as track 3 but recorded in 1991

7 Do The Mummy (arranged by Horrorwitz, DeCeased Records-3:10) DeCeased Records single, (DR-004) side ‘Z' (B-side),USA, recorded in 1991 but released in ‘93! Kim Kane-guitar Brian D. Horrorwitz-drums & percussion Dan "Gutterboy" Bader-lead vocal John "Apenuts" Stone-lead guitar Thomas Kane-bass guitar Horrorwitz plays the organ. (Song is based on "It's The Mummy" from the 1969 movie "Mad Monster Party".)

8 Umbali Wali Sleep (Dolen / Bugg / Stone / Malmgren, Beatscene / Bugged Out / Wet / Boomtown-4:13) Unreleased, same credits as previous track, recorded in 1991. (Cover of song originally done by Apenuts' previous band The Beatnik Flies. Their version available on "From Parts Unknown" LP, Dacoit Records, USA.)

9 Runaway Train (Kane / Bader, Splabbitt!! Music-3:18) Appeared on V. i. S. A. French radio compilation CD "A la folie!" (UFO 17), France Same credits as track 7, recorded in 1991

10 Boys (Charlton / Cecchetto / Bonsanto / Rossi, Five Records-2:03) Unreleased demo. (The ‘F' mix) Same credits as track 7, recorded in 1991

11 The Dark Alley aka "Theme From The Unknown" (Davie Allan, BMI-1:40) Unreleased, same credits as track 7, recorded in 1991 with Gutterboy on keyboards.

12 Werewolf (Gary Warren-2:26) Deceased Records single (DR-001) side B, USA, recorded in 1991, released in ‘92. Same credits as track 7.

13 Dragster Of Ghostrip Hollow (Kane, Splabbitt!! Music-3:15) Deceased Records single (DR-001) side A, USA, recorded in 1991, released in ‘92. Recorded live with no over-dubs at Hit & Run Studios in Shady Grove, Maryland on February 26th, 1992. Kim Kane-rhythm guitar Brian D. Horrorwitz-drums & percussion Dan "Gutterboy" Bader-lead vocal John "Apenuts" Stone-lead guitar Bidjje Kavanaugh-bass guitar

14 I Want You (Kane / Bader, Splabbitt!! Music-3:23) Unreleased, same credits as previous track. Gutterboy played tambourine on this live studio cut.

15 What Kind Of Trip Are You On? (Kane / Horrorwitz, Splabbitt!! Music / DeCeased Records-2:48) DeCeased Records single (DR-004) side Y (A side), USA, recorded February 4th, 1993 Kim Kane-rhythm guitar Brian D. Horrorwitz-lead vocal John "Apenuts" Stone-lead guitar Dug Hoekstra-drums Alex "The Zaikesman" Schneider-bass guitar

16 The Head In The Shed (Kane / Schneider, Splabbitt!! Music- 3:35) Get Hip single (GH-169) A side, USA, recorded in 1993 at Megalomania Studios in Kensington, Maryland. Same lineup as previous track.

17 Wild Woman (Kane, Splabitt!! Music-2:57) Get Hip single (GH-169) B side of previous track, same credits.

18 She Done Moved (The Spats-2:38) Due to be on Jeff Dahl compilation CD vol. 3 out in ‘98 (?), recorded 1994 at Action Dale studios in Annandale, Virginia. Same lineup as track 15.Kane played the organ.

19 We Are Going To Eat You (Kane / Horrorwitz, Splabitt!! Music / DeCeased Records-2:36) Pure Vinyl single (PV 001) A side, Austria. Recorded May 13th 1995 live at Maxwells in New Jersey during "Date Bait Weekend". Kim Kane-lead guitar Brian D. Horrorwitz-lead vocal John "Apenuts" Stone-rhythm guitar Jonas Tavela-bass guitar Cozy Cool-drums (The whole band sang backups)

20 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Lennon / McCartney-3:43) Pure Vinyl single (PV 001) B side of previous track, same credits but with Apenuts taking the guitar lead.

21 Hi-Octane (Kane, Splabitt!! Music-3:23) DeCeased Records single (DR-006) A side, USA, recorded 1996 at Beware Of Dog studios in Kensington, Maryland Kim Kane-rhythm guitar Brian D. Horrorwitz-lead vocal Jonas Tavela-bass guitar Hairy Heel-drums Vince Vigliotti-lead guitar

22 The Klan Of The Green Hand (Kane, Splabitt!! Music-3:36) DeCeased Records single (DR-006) B side of previous track, same credits. Kane plays guitar lead. Horrorwitz played tambourine.


Once upon a time, a dude named Kim Kane spent 15 years playing in a "popular" garage band called The Slickee Boys. (Popular, that is, in Washington, D.C. and parts of Germany.) In 1987 he approached Brian D. Horrorwitz with the idea of starting a new band. The 2 things they both agreed on was that the group had to 1. Be "fun", and 2. Have no socially redeeming value whatsoever. They succeeded. Thumbing through the "Psychotronic" encyclopedia of movies, they jokingly picked the name "Date Bait"(if you've ever seen ‘em you know why), saying it would help them meet more girls.When quitting The Slickee Boys, Kane told local papers about his new band Date Bait. Not having ever agreed on a name, Horrorwitz and the guys were stunned to read this announcement in The Washington Post and other local rags! Oh well, looks like they were stuck with it! Their first ever gig was a Halloween party on October 30th 1988 at a very cool little shithole club called D.C. Space. I mainly remember their early gigs as being a chaotic menagerie of drunk go-go girls, streams of thrown toilet paper, "Silly String", and lots of fake blood. Not to mention some of the best damned garage punk ever! Usually the stage was too crowded resulting in the singer Gutterboy slipping on some fake puke or something and knocking Horrorwitz's flimsy drum kit over. Often the inebriated panty-less dancers would fall over in their mini-skirts treating those in the front to a free little peep-show. Most local clubs wouldn't let the band gig there unless they agreed to clean up after their set was over. Their Halloween shows were unmatched, with on-stage spook shenanigans, bizarre costume contests, and screenings of short horror movies between sets. On average the band would get paid about $100.00 a show. No, not each person, that's TOTAL. Early on the boys were reportedly fronted a tidy sum to record an LP/CD for France's New Rose label. For some reason they thought they could get away with spending only a smidgeon of it on the actual recording, and save the rest for their own use. No one really knew what the hell they were doing, least of all the studio technician! The best cuts were the ones hastily mixed whenever the studio guy would leave the mixing room to take a dump or whatever! Well, the low-budget low-fidelity recordings were shipped off post-haste, the guys assuming that the label would "bump- up" the sound in the mastering. Nope, no such luck. "I Split On Your Grave" was issued as was, with the added coffin-nails being that the CD version had 2 wanky "bonus" cuts that never shoulda' been heard by ANYBODY, and that the cheap bastards at the label screwed up Kanes' beautifully ghoulish color cover artwork, printing it instead as a sorta' 2-color urine-looking dayglo thang. Not wanting to become kings of the cut-out bins, the band has since attempted to make sure all their later records sounded raw and rockin', the way the good lord intended. In 1991 a lot of material was recorded for a follow-up LP, but the curse of the first would follow them around like a fowl-smelling body odor, making it difficult for anyone not having seen them live to believe that these losers could really rock-out! Hard to believe, the same debut slab of smegma was reissued on a Japanese label without the group even knowing about it until a Japanese fan mailed them one! (They're pretty desperate for things to reissue in Japan it seems.) Tired of shopping around demo tapes and recording at "professional" studios whose engineers were weened on Toto, Kane and company formed their own Maryland based DeCeased label. Their attitude was "Rock-N-Roll is DEAD, but WE DON'T CARE!" (Echoing the sentiments of an old Rubinoos song), and often their 45 labels proudly stated this. "This is Maryland music!" they exclaimed, letting the rest of the world know that just ‘cause they were stuck playing in a sceneless city that couldn't freakin' enjoy themselves if everyday was freakin' Saturday at freakin' Disneyworld, they were still gonna tear it up!! Most recordings were made in makeshift basement studios that allowed them the freedom to experiment a bit. After 4 years, singer Gutterboy decided to chuck it in, so Horrorwitz was the natural replacement, what with him knowing all the lyrics. Little did he realize as he scrawled out the lyrics to "Goin' Nowhere Fast" back in 1990 that this unknowingly prophetic title would ring all-too-true. In their time Date Bait have released 1 LP / CD, 6 singles, 1 videotape, and been on numerous compilations. They've opened for Screamin' Jay Hawkins, The Cramps, The Fleshtones, Wreckless Eric, and have even played twice on The White House lawn! Now on the verge of their 10th birthday, the biggest losers in Maryland are smilin' to themselves, proud to have stuck it out so long, proud to be the band every Washingtonian has heard of but never heard, proud to be Date Bait. ---Dr. Penis


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