Lovesick 7""Lovesick" and "Grandma Dynamite" b/w "Helter Skelter" 7" EP (1992)
-1st pressing on DeCeased Records (DR-002) 300 hand-numbered copies BUY
Lovesick 7" (reissue)"Lovesick" and "Grandma Dynamite" b/w "Helter Skelter" 7" EP (1992)
-2nd pressing on Get Hip Records (GH-177) 500 copies (?) on cream colored vinyl
-3rd pressing on Get Gip Records (GH-177) 500 copies (?) on black vinyl

Christmas / Chanukah 7" (label)"Chickens For Christmas" b/w "(She's A) Yamakah Mama (At Chanukah Time)" 7" single (1993) given away free with "Brutarian" magazine #10. Very hard to find now!
-1 pressing on DeCeased Records (DR-XMAS-1) 1,000 copies BUY

Drop Another Coin CD"Drop Another Coin" CD (recorded 1997, released 1998)
-1 pressing on DeCeased Records (DR-007) 1,000 copies

I Want Your Blood Tonight 7""I Want Your Blood Tonight" b/w "I'm A Ubangi, Baby!" and "Death Of A Surfer" (1997)
-1 pressing on Pure Vinyl Records from Austria (PV-007) 500 copies pressed, 100 of which were shipped to the U.S. and each was then individually blood-splattered by hand! BUY

Exploit Yourself CD"Exploit Yourself" CD (2006)
-Out now on Brutarian Records (Brutarian CD-003)! BUY

Drp Another Coin (reissue) CD"Drop Another Coin" CD (2008 reissue)
-Out now on Brutarian Records (Brutarian CD-009)! BUY


"The Hunch" and "Linda Sue Dixon" on "Let's Rock" cassette compilation (1991)
-Recorded live at WMUC FM in College Park, Maryland on "The Teen Scene" show

"Rock-N-Roll Guitar" on "Intimate Recession" cassette compilation on D.S.I Records (DSI T-012, 1992)
-recorded live at D.C. Space, Saucy & Jill's 1st gig!

DeCeased Sampler 7" EP"Monster A Go-Go" theme on DeCeased Sampler 7" EP (1992) given away free with Brutarian magazine #7
-1 pressing on DeCeased Records (DR-003), 1,000 copies, also includes 1 track each by Date Bait, Monsters From The Surf and The Rhomboids BUY

"Chickens For Christmas" and "(She's A) Yamakah Mama (At Chanukah Time)" on "It's A Rockin' Christmas" CD (1993)
-Repeats the 2 cuts from the Brutarian holiday 7". On the Run Wild Records label (RW-500)

"Ubangi Twist" on "Friday Night Rumble volume 2" CD (1998)
-Outtake from "Drop Another Coin" sessions. On Run Wild Records (RW-904)

"Green Slime" (live 2004) on "Brutarian presents It Comes From Beyond!" CD (2006) BUY


"Jess Franco's Lust For Frankenstein" (1997)- 3 songs used: "Ubangi Stomp", "I Want Your Blood Tonight" and "Death Of A Surfer". (Note: The European version of the movie omits "Death..." but has longer versions of the other 2 songs.) BUY

"Jess Franco's Vampire Blues" (1998)- The Ubangis composed 4 tracks which are heard repeatedly throughout the film: "Vampire Blues" (theme), "Vampire Blues" (slow version), "Vampire Blues" (space guitar) and "Bloodstained Blues". Only $9.98 on DVD and VHS tape from Trash Palace! BUY

"Jess Franco's Blind Target" (2000)- The Ubangis composed several tracks, 2 of which are heard at the opening and closing of the film: "Dead Eyes" (slow version) and "Dead Eyes" (slow instrumental). Lyrics were written by Franco producer Kevin Collins. BUY

"Antena Criminal: Making a Jess Franco Movie" (2000 / 2007)- Many instrumental tracks are heard including "I, Chihuahua! (Theme from Antena Criminal)", "Death Of A Surfer" and several alternate versions of the "Blind Target" theme "Dead Eyes". Release due fall of 2007. BUY

"Johnny Legend's Sex Mex" (2001)- 3 tracks taken from "Drop Another Coin" CD for this recent wrestling / horror / porn film!

"Haunting Desires" (2004) - "Ubangi Stomp" taken from "Drop Another Coin" CD. Released in a longer version on cable tv in the USA and on DVD in the UK (the latter as "Erotic Encounters of the Close Kind". I think.)

"Curious Obsessions" (2005) - Several songs from the "Drop Another Coin" CD were used in this sordid and sensual tale of 2 curious females caught up in a web of smut-movie-inspired lesbian lust! On sale from Trash Palace for $9.98 BUY

"Babes in Kongland" (2007) - A piece of "Jungle Blue" showed up in this nudie satire. Boy were we surprised! BUY

ALSO: Many songs from the "Drop Another Coin" CD were used as background music for 5 of EI Cinema's series of vintage sex film loop compilation DVDs such as "Naughty Nudes of the 1960s", "Deviate Sex Thrills" and several others. On sale from Trash Palace cheap! BUY


"Ubangi Stomp" recorded live b/w ? (1991) -single to be relesed on Black Lung Records (deal made, master tape was sent, never heard from label again)

"The Giant Claw" b/w ? (1993) -single to be released on Giant Claw Records in Austrailia (tape sent, label folded)

"Drop Another Coin" (1997) -re-release of the CD on vinyl LP with extra cuts on Behemoth Records (project remains in limbo)

"Concert For The Dead" by Jess Franco and The Ubangis (2001) -CD collection of soundtrack music heard in the films "Mari Cookie And The Killer Tarantula", "Lust For Frankenstein", "Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell", "Vampire Blues" and "Blind Target". Was to be released by One Shot Productions and may still be forthcoming but don't hold yer breath.