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Some of the used videotapes are ex-rental tapes from video stores and may have a sticker on the box or tape shell but nothing excessive unless it is noted. If you are particular about these things then please email us before ordering so we can check a certain box's condition. Any used tape missing its original box will have "NO BOX" noted next to it (but still comes in a generic box), and any used tape with a modified box (meaning that the original box has been cut and placed in a clear plastic one) will have "cut box" noted.

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All titles are followed by the year of the movie’s release (not the tape's), the videotape label, plus any important notes.


Absolute Beginners (1984, HBO / clamshell box) - New / sealed! Julien Temple’s fun musical co-starring David Bowie! $7.98
Absolute Beginners (1984, HBO / clamshell box) - Julien Temple’s fun musical co-starring David Bowie! $4.00
Ace High (1968, Paramount) - Eli Wallach Spaghetti Western! $4.00
A.D. Police Files - The Ripper (‘95, AnimEigo) - Japanese animation, English dubbed. Rated R. $4.00
A.D. Police Files - The Phantom Woman (‘95, AnimEigo) - Japanese animation, English dubbed. Rated R. $4.00
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (aka "Baron Prásil", 1962, American Video) - Excellent movie! English dubbed version. $25.00
After The Fall Of New York ('83, Vestron) - Fun Italian post-apocolyptic sci-fi action! Rated R. $5.00

Airplane (1980) - $3.00
Albino (1976, Media) - $75.00
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972, SBR, Inc.) - Played once! Canadian tape of UK musical. $4.00
Alien (1979) - 1992 slipcase version. $4.00
Aliens (Beta tape! 1986, CBS / FOX) - 1987 beta tape, slipcase in good shape, small ex-rental stickers. Rated R $10.00

Amazon Jail (1982, CIC) - Canadian release. Box is intact but has wrinkles. Rated R $25.00
America's Funniest Home Videos Uncensored (1999, E Realbiz) - New / sealed! Uncensored moments! Rated R $10.00
And This Is Free (1965, Shanachie) - 50 minute documentary; legendery slice-of-life film from the streets of Chicago. $15.00
And When She Was Bad (1973, Private Screenings) - Tape and box in very good condition! Twisted psycho-sexploitation! Adults. $30.00
Andy Warhol's Bad (1973, Embassy Home Entertainment) - Tape and box in very good condition! Rated R. $35.00
Angels Die Hard (1965, New World Video) - Ex-rental / sticker on shell side. $15.00
Angels From Hell (1968, Trylon Video) - Ex-rental in very good shape; no stickers, number written on side of shell. $20.00
Angels Hard As They Come (1971, Embassy Home Video) - 1984 tape issue, ex-rental, some box wear / stickers. $12.00
Attack Of The Giant Leeches (‘59, Acme, new / sealed) - Low-budget monsters that really...wait for it...  Suck!! (Sorry.)  EP mode $7.98
Bad Girls Dormitory ('85, Active Home Video, big cardboard box) - Early direct-to-video women's prison sleaze! Rated R $25.00
Bad Lieutenant ('93, Live) - Abel Ferrara's over-the-top drama about a corrupt cop's decent into an abyss of his own doing. Harvey Keitel is amazing as the lieutenant in what is undoubtedly his best performance ever. This is the unrated (NC-17) version. ADULTS, $5.00.
Back Beat ('93, Polygram)
Ballad of a Gunfighter ('64, Prism, big plastic box) - Starring Marty Robbins! $10.00
The Bandits ('67, Unicorn Video, large plastic cut box) - US / Mexican co-produced western! Hard to find! $12.00
Battle Of The Valiant (aka Brennus, Enemy of Rome, ‘63, Force Video / big cardboard box) - Italian sword & sandal with Gordon Mitchell. $18.00
Battle Shock (aka A Woman's Devotion, '56, NTA, clamshell box) - Janice Rule and Ralph Meeker star in this color murder mystery! Hard to find! $15.00

Beach Blanket Bingo (‘65, Orion, new / sealed) - Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello star in this beach party classic! With Linda Evans as singing sensation Suger Kane! Also with Harvey Lembeck, John Ashley, Marta Kristen, Don Rickles, Paul Lynde and cameos by Buster Keaton, Earl Wilson and Bobbi Shaw! New, $5.98

The Best of Sex and Violence (Vestron, big box) - Tape and box in excellent condition however tape was manufactured with a reoccurring jump in the picture. Please be aware if you plan on watching this. rated R $40.00

The Big Score (‘83, Vestron, slight box wear, sticker on top panel) - Fred Williamson directs & stars in this gritty crime story with John Saxon. Rated R $8.00

Black Godfather (‘74, Xenon, new / sealed) - Rod Perry (who would go on to star in “Black Gestapo”) plays a black gangster who goes against the white mob, clawing his way to the top! Rated “R”, EP mode $9.98

Al Adamson's Black Heat (aka “The Murder Gang” aka "Girls Hotel",1976, Shock-O-Rama, new / sealed) - Timothy Brown stars as hard-nosed policeman Kicks Carter who takes on a mob boss and his sadistic henchman played by Russ Tamblyn! With Regina Carrol and Tanya Boyd! Rated “R”, $9.98.

Black Magic M-66 (‘87, Manga)- Japanese animated sci-fi. Rated R. $5.00
Black Mama, White Mama ('73, Orion, new / sealed) - Pam Grier and Margaret Markov are 2 prison runaways chained together! Rated R, $9.98
Blacula (‘72, Orion)- William Marshall is the black bloodsucker! Cursed by the original racist Dracula, “Blacula” returns in modern times (1972 that is) to quench his thirst for blood! He meets a young woman who resembles his dead wife! SP mode, $9.98
Blast Off (aka Rocket To The Moon, '67, HBO / Cannon, clamshell box) - UK sci-fi- comedy starring Burl Ives, Troy Donahue, Gert Fröbe, Terry-Thomas, Hermione Gingold, Daliah Lavi and many others! 8.00
Blind Rage ('78, MGM, cardboard box with gatefold cover) - 5 blind guys rob a bank! Yes, you heard right! Fred Willimason shows up towards the end of the flick. Wow! $20.00

Blind Target videotape

Tatiana Cohen


Maria Beltran emigrated to the U.S.A. from San Hermoso at an early age and now returns as an adult after writing a best-selling novel betraying the evil and corruption in the government of her dirt poor native land. What was planned as a simple press junket though Latin America quickly evolves into a living nightmare of murder and kidnapping as she is caught up in the ongoing factions waging a dirty war of political insurrection. Stripped of her freedom and forced squarely into the middle of an assassination plot, Maria must weigh the odds between self-preservation and civil war. Facing the perils of torture, rape and the secret police, she can't trust either her CIA friends or her insurgent enemies. Her finger is on the trigger but she might just as well be the BLIND TARGET. Contains the original theme performed by The Ubangis and a guy that looks suspiciously like Horrorwitz! Click box at left for more information!

Contains the original theme performed by The Ubangis and a guy that looks suspiciously like Horrorwitz! (Click box at left for more information!)

Note: This was the movie that our documentary "Antena Criminal - Making A Jess Franco Movie" was shot around!



Blood Castle VHS tape
Blood Castle (Wizard, big box) - Clean box, only 1 rental sticker on side of tape shell. Rated R $30.00
Blood Ties (Italian title: Il Cugino americano, '86, Trans World / big clamshell) - Brad Davis & Tony Lo Bianco violent Italian crime drama. Rated R, $12.00
Bloody Trail (aka Montego aka White Justice, '72, Academy, large plastic box) - Hard-to-find Western / racial drama! Rated R, $20.00
The Blues Brothers (‘80, MCA, new / sealed) - John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd star. $4.98
Body Puzzle ('93, Triboro) Lamberto Bava effective Giallo chop 'em up starring Joanna Pacula. Unrated version. $5.00
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (‘60, Rhino, new / sealed) - Uncut version of this scream gem hosted by Elvira (She introduces, but doesn’t interrupt, the flick.) Great pin-headed monster, bloody dismemberment & cool cat fight! A must! $9.98
The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (‘60, Acme, new / sealed) - Same as above but without Elvira hosting. $9.98
Bram Stoker's Dracula ('93, Columbia, very slight box wear)- Francis Ford Coppola's under rated horror! Rated R. $4.00
Breaking Glass ('80, Paramount, cut box) - Hazel O'Connor stars as a new wave singer who is used and abused by the recording industry during her rise to fame. $7.00
Brewster McCloud ('70, MGM, gatefold box, has 1 tiny rental sticker, tape shell has several) - This is the original home video release of Robert altman's cult comedy movie starring bud Cort, Sally Kellerman and Shelley Duvall. A strange and wonderful film! Rated R, $15.00
The Bride Of Frankenstein ('35, MCA Home Video, no box)- classic horror! Also includes the original "Psycho" trailer! $3.00
Broken Arrow ('96, Fox) Under rated John Woo thriller! Rated R, $3.00
Bubblegum Crash 1 - "Illegal Army" (AnimEgo / clamshell)- Japanese sci-fi animation! Rated R, $5.00
Bubblegum Crash 3 - "Meltdown" (AnimEgo / clamshell)- Japanese sci-fi- animation! Rated R, $5.00
Bubblegum Crisis - Episode 2: "Born To Kill" (AnimEgo)- Japanese sci-fi- animation! Rated R, $5.00
Bubblegum Crisis - Episode 6: "Red Eyes" (AnimEgo)- Japanese sci-fi- animation! Rated R, $5.00
A Bucket Of Blood (‘59-Acme, EP mode, new / sealed) - Roger Corman’s beatnik cult horror-comedy starring Dick Miller! $4.98
A Bullet for Sandoval (Los Desesperados aka Vengeance Is Mine, ‘69, United)- George Hilton plays John Warner, a confederate soldier who goes AWOL and crosses into Mexico to be with his pregnant girlfriend, arriving only to find she has died during childbirth. He leaves with the baby who then dies of cholera and, embittered, gets togther a group of rebellious thieves to loot Mexico! Decent Spaghetti Westerner with Ernest Borgnine and Annabella Incontrera. $5.00
Cain's Cutthroats ('71, Video Gems) - Violent Western starring John Carradine, Scott Brady and Robert Dix. Rated R, $18.00
Carnal Knowledge (‘71-Embassy / cut box)-Jack Nicholson & Candice Bergen w/ Ann-Margret. Rated “R” $4.00
Carnival of Souls (‘62, Amvest, new / sealed) - Low-budget creepy cult hit! Introduced by Al “Grampa” Lewis! LP mode, $5.98
Carnival Rock (‘57, Rhino)-Roger Corman directed drama with appearances by The Platters and swingin’ rockabilly from Bob Luman and David Houston! With Susan Cabot & Dick Miller! $9.98
Carry on Cleo ('64, Thorn Emi video, clamshell box) - UK baudy sex comedy! Rated R, $8.00
Castle of the Living Dead ('67, Sinister Cinema, no box, printed label, tape has hand written face label) - Old Sinister release of this black & white gothic horror from Italy with Christopher Lee! $3.00
Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy (Program Hunters, large plastic box, rental stickers, '75) - Shari Eubank (star of Russ Meyer's "Super Vixen") and fellow W.A.V.E. member Rosanne Katon (who gets nekkid in 1 scene!) investigate the disappearance of another Navy woman. Timothy Carey steals the show as a psychotic mobster! With cameo appearances by Scatman Crothers, Fred Willard, Dyanne Thorne (who DOESN'T get nekkid) and Uschi Digart! This campy film definitely coulda' used more nudity and with that cast one wonders why they didn't! Still a fun film! Rated R, $22.00
The Chinese Connection (‘73, Alpha, new / sealed) - Bruce Lee avenges the murder of his school master! Good action! EP, $3.98
Chrome and Hot Leather (Orion, large plastic cut box, '71) - Green Berets vs. biker gang! Starring William Smith, Tony Young, Michael Haynes and Marvin Gaye! $5.00
The Church ('91, South Gate, cut box) - Michele Soavi Italian horror! Rated R, $9.00
Coffy (‘73, Orion, new / sealed) - Pam Grier stars in Jack Hill’s blaxploitation classic! She plays a sexy nurse who goes undercover posing as a high price call girl. Coffy sets out to infiltrate a big business drug ring but soon finds out some shady dirt on her politician boyfriend! If you’ve never seen Pam in action, this is the one to check out! With Sid Haig. Rated “R”, SP mode $9.98
Cold Heaven ('92, Hemdale, large plastic cut box) - Offbeat drama from director Nicolas Roeg starring Theresa Russell, Mark Harmon and James Russo! Rated R, $9.00
The Crawling Hand (‘63, Acme, new / sealed) - The arm of an insane blown-up astronaut creates terror by possessing the mind of a teenager, turning him into a killer! Includes the hit song “The Bird’s The Word” by The Rivingtons! EP mode. $5.98
Crooks and Coronets ('69, Warner Brothers, no box)- UK crime comesy with Telly Savalas and Warren Oates! $2.00
Cry of the Banshee ('70, Orion, new / sealed) - Vincent Price witch hunt horror! EP mode. $2.99
Cult Movies T.V.: Jack Hill (1999, clamshell, new) - The editors of "Cult Movies" Magazine have move into the cable t.v. arena with this show! This 30 minute tape contains the 3rd episode, an exclusive interview with legendary writer / director Jack Hill! A really talented exploitation filmaker who brought us such classics as "Spider Baby", "Switchblade Sisters", "Coffy", "Foxy Brown" and others! This pre-recorded videotape comes in a nice full-color cover clamshell box and sells for only $9.98! A must for fans!!
The Day the Earth Caught Fire ('62, Thorn EMI, clamshell box) - UK sci-fi starring Janet Munro, directed by Val Guest! $6.00
Days of Wrath (aka (I Giorni Dell' Ira aka Days Of Anger, '67, Imperial Entertainment, large clamshell box) - Lee Van Cleef arrives to a town being run by a few corrupt men who were part of a robbery years ago. Scott (Giulliana Gemma) is a slow thinking but fast-on-the-draw street cleaner abused by the locals. Cleef has a plan to take over the town and recruits Scott turning him into a top notch gunmen. A moving Spaghetti Western from director Tonino Valerii with a great Riz Ortolani score. $8.00
Deadly Intrigue (aka A Woman For All Men, '74, Arena Video, large plastic box) - Alex Rocco and Keenan Wynn star! Hard-to-find! Rated R, $25.00
Deal -The Making Of “Let’s Make A Deal” (‘78, Burbank) - Entertaining 95 min. documentary on the legendary tv gameshow! Tape has a few glitches. $4.00
Death Promise ('77, Premiere Entertainment, large plastic box) - Urban thriller! Tenants vs. corrupt landlords! Rated R.
Demons Of The Mind (‘71, new / sealed) - Original HBO release in nice clamshell box! Great underrated Hammer film about incest and bloody obsession! Peter Sykes directs. $12.98
Detour (‘45, Admit One / clamshell) - Noir classic! $5.00
Detroit 9000 ('73, Thorn / EMI, clamshell box) - Blaxploitation classic! Rated R, $5.00
The Devil's Son-In-Law ('77, Active)
Diamond Shaft (Xenon, new / sealed) - After spending 5 years in a London prison, safecracker Richard Roundtree (from “Shaft”) is picked up by a mysterious man who proposes a job stealing $100,000,000! Barbara Hershey co-stars. EP mode $9.98
Dinosaurus! (‘60, New World, new / sealed) - A young boy encounters a brontosaurus, tyrannosaurus, & neanderthal man! $9.98
Disco Godfather (‘79, Xenon, new / sealed) - Rudy Ray Moore is Tucker Williams, a badass rapping disco d.j. and ex-cop. He gets back into action when he takes on Stinger, a huge angel-dust kingpin! “Put your weight on it!!” EP mode. $9.98
The Discreet Charm of The Bourgeoisie (Media Home Entertainment / Cinematheque Collection, cut box, '72) - A masterpiece of surreal comedy from director Luis Buñuel! $6.00
Doctor Blood’s Coffin (‘60, Alpha, new / sealed) - ...and his patients are "coffin" up blood!! A mad doctor (anudder one!!??) thinks he can reanimate the dead in this schlocky shocker! Kieron Moore stars with Hazel Court!  EP mode. $4.98
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (‘41, MGM / no box) Starring Spencer Tracy & Ingrid Bergman. $5.00
Dog Soldier - Shadows Of The Past (‘92, U.S. Manga) - Japanese anime war & espionage! Subtitled  $5.00
Dominion - Tank Police pt.2, acts 3 & 4; ( ’9?,U.S. Manga) - Japanese anime $5.00
Don't Open the Door ('79, Video Gems, cut box) - From S.F. Brownrigg, the director of "Don't look In The Basement"! Rated R, $10.00
The Doors ('91, Carolco)-Oliver Stone's film about the band starring Val Kilmer. 138 minutes. Rated R. $2.00
Dracula's Daughter ('36, MCA) Great Universal horror film! $5.00
Dragon Fist (‘79, All Seasons / big cardboard box w/ slight wear)- Jackie Chan stars. Excellent picture quality.  $13.00
Dressed For Death ('86, Academy Home Entertainment, cut box) -
Drop Dead Gorgeous ('99, New Line) Politically incorrect and very under rated black comedy starring Ellen Barkin, Kirsten Dunst and Denise Richards. $2.00
The Dunwich Horror ('69, Orion)- Lovecraft-based psychedelic horror starring Sandra Dee! Rated "M", $5.00
Dynamite Chicken ('71, Video Treasures)
Dynamite Chicken / Black Brigade 2 TAPE SET (‘69, Quality, new / sealed) - Counterculture comedy + black war drama both starring Richard Pryor. EP mode? $9.98
The Education Of Sonny Carson (‘74, Hollywood Select, new / sealed) - A moving story of a man’s determination to leave behind the street life of crime & drugs. $10.98
Encore (aka The Comeback, Saturn, '78) - Pete Walker directs this UK horror! $10.00
Equus (‘77, MGM)- A young boy stabs the eyes out of a group of horses. Richard Burton tries to understand why. Rated R, $5.00
Family Enforcer (aka Death Collector) ( ‘76, United) Early Joe Pesci intense mafia flick. Rated “R” $4.00
Fantasy Mission Force ('82, All Seasons Entertainment / big cardboard box) This is the best looking copy I've seen of this totally bizarre fantasy action comedy with Jackie Chan! $12.00
Fearless Hyena ('79, UA, LP MODE?)- Fun low-budget Jackie Chan kung fu! $2.00
Fellini’s Roma (‘72, MGM / no box) - Rated R, $3.00
Fistful Of Lead ('93, Rawhide Video)
Fists of the White Lion (Vista, clamshell box) -
Flatfoot ('78, AEC)- Italian cop comedy starring Bud Spencer! $6.00
For A Few Dollars More ('65, MGM) Sergio Leone spaghetti western classic! The wide-screen version! $5.00
Frankenstein "Restored Version" ('31, MCA) - Universal horror classic starring Boris Karloff! "It's aliiiiiive!!" $3.00
Free America Broadcasting (American Entertainment Company, cut box in clear plastic clamshell) - $12.00
Funeral For An Assassin (‘77, Video Gems / big cardboard box) - Vic Morrow as an assassin out for revenge in South Africa. $13.00
The Ghost ('63, Sinister Cinema, clamshell box) - Barbara Steele! $6.00
The Giant Gila Monster (‘59, Acme, new / sealed) - It’s a lizard, but it’s like really freakin’ big! And he's out to gobble up every teen at Lover's Lane! Holy shit! Fun low-budget monster tale shot in Texas! Introduced by Elvira. $5.98
Go Kill And Come Back (aka Any Gun Can Play aka Vado... l'ammazzo e torno, '67, Monterey Home Video / Fries Home Video) - Directed by Enzo G. Castellari, George Hilton stars as a ruthless bounty hunter stalking Gilbert Roland in this exciting Spaghetti Western! Co-starring Edd Byrnes and the beautiful Stefania Careddu (as Kareen O'Hara).
Godzilla - King Of The Monsters (‘56, Simitar, new / sealed) - The original black & white classic! EP mode. $3.98
Godzilla Raids Again ('55, Video Treasures)
Godzilla's Revenge ('69)
Godzilla vs. Gigan ('72, New World)
Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla (aka “Godzilla Vs.The Cosmic Monster”,’74, Starmaker, new / sealed) - You can let ‘em have their high-tech remakes! For me these juvenile cheezy rubber-suited ones’re the best! The “Big G” teams up with King Seeser to fight a robot Godzilla controlled by evil aliens (actors in dimestore “Planet Of The Apes” masks!). EP mode. $4.98
Goodbye Emmanuelle ('79, Thorn EMI / clamshell) - Sylvia Kristel stars in Emmanuelle sequel! Rated R, $10.00
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ('66, CBS) One of the best movies ever made, period. Sergio Leone's spaghetti western masterpiece starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach. $4.00
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ('66, MGM) As above, this is the 2 tape version (same running time). $6.00
The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle ('80, Warner Reprise)
The Grifters ('91, Miramax, cut box) - $2.00
Hades Project - Zeorymer vol.1 (‘88, U.S.Manga) - Subtitled Japanese anime. $5.00
A Hard Days Night ('64, MPI) The Beatles star in this rock comedy classic! Songs are in stereo! $5.00
Harold And Maude ('71, Paramount) Cult classic starring Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon. $4.00
Hatchet For The Honeymoon (1969, Alpha, new / sealed) - Mario Bava's psychotic giallo! EP mode. $2.99
Haunts ('84, Media Home Entertainment, cut box) - $5.00
The Heist (aka The Rip Off, ’78, American) - Lee Van Cleef is a retired safe cracker talked into 1 more job! Directed by Antonio Margheriti. $4.00
Hell Up In Harlem (‘73, Orion, new / sealed) - Fred Williamson continues where “Black Caesar” left off! Bloodied but unbroken, he attempts to regain control of the black underworld! With songs by Edwin Starr! Written, produced & directed by Larry Cohen. EP mode. $9.98
Hell’s Brigade('69, CinemaGreats / big plastic box) - War drama directed by Leon Klimovsky. $13.00
Hercules (‘57, Alpha, new / sealed) - Starring Steeve Reeves, Sylva Koscina and Gianna Maria Canale. EP mode. $3.98
Hercules and the Captive Women ('61, UAV) - Italian sword & sandal fantasy adventure starring Reg Park and Fay Spain! LP mode? $3.00
Hercules And The Captive Women (‘61, Alpha, new / sealed) - Reg Park is Hercules. With Fay Spain! Pretty wild! EP mode. $3.98
Hercules Unchained (‘58, Alpha, new / sealed) - Reeves & Koscina return in this exciting sequel! EP mode. $3.98
Hercules Unchained (‘58, VidAmerica) - Steeve Reeves stars in this trendsetting Italian sword & sandal film w/ Sylvia Koscina. $5.00
Hercules Against The Moon Men ('64, Goodtimes, LP MODE?) - Fun Italian fantasy adventure starring Alan Steel! $4.00
Hero and the Terror ('88, Media/Cannon, no box) - $3.00
Heroes Shed No Tears ('86, Tai Seng)- Incredible John Woo action film! Raw!! Wide-screen picture, Chinese language with English subtitles, Rated R, $5.00
High School Caesar (‘60, Rhino, new / sealed) -Teen idol John Ashley runs a high school protection racket! Great theme song! $9.98
Honeymoon of Fear (aka Fear in the Night, '72, large plastic box, Magnum?) - $10.00
Horrible Dr. Hichcock / Awful Dr. Orloff double feature (Sinister Cinema, clamshell) - $15.00
The Horror of the Blood Monsters ('70, World's Worst Videos) - Amazing Al Adamson vampire space epic! $7.00
Horror Rises From The Tomb ('74, Charter, Embassy) - Uncut version, rated R $40.00
House on Haunted Hill ('59, Goodtimes, new / sealed) - Vincent Price in William Castle shocker! LP mode. $4.99
The House That Vanished (aka Scream And Die, ‘73, Media, '84 full-color box release) - UK thriller directed by Joseph Larraz about a young model who returns to the house where she had witnessed a violent murder only to discover it has vanished! Rated R, $15.00
How I Won The War (‘67, MGM / gatefold box) - John Lennon co-stars / black anti-war comedy by Richard Lester $7.00
How To Stuff A Wild Bikini (‘65, MGM, bew / sealed) - Beach blast blowup with Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Buster Keaton, Harvey Lembeck, Beverly Adams, John Ashley and Mickey Rooney, with music by William Asher! $7.98
The Human Tornado (‘76, Xenon) - Dolemite returns! This time he’s being chased by a redneck sheriff and his men all because he banged the cracker’s old lady! After being caught in bed, she cries “Rape!” to which Rudy screams the immortal line “Bitch! Are you for real?!?”! With Queen Bee and her kung-fu girls! EP mode, $7.00
The Humanoid (‘86, U.S.Manga) - English subtitled anime from Japan about the child-like android Antoinette. $7.00
Hustler Squad ('76, United) - Philippines lensed girly actioner! Rated R, $8.00
I Like The Girls Who Do (aka "Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten", 1973, Seduction Cinema, new / sealed) - Hans Billian directed this West German sexploiter about stands to inherit his deceased uncle's fortune but with 1 catch: The young virgin has 1 week to lay the last 7 women that his uncle did! Stars Aleander Allerson with Bea Baldur, Birgit Bergen and Helga Konig. Also included is the new bonus 20 minute featurette "Peeping In A Girls Dormitory" starring Tina Krause, Esmerelda de la Rocco and Misty Mundae! 2 naughty schoolgirls get into a lot of trouble! $14.98
Iczer Zone vol.1 acts one and 2 (’85, U.S. Renditions) Japanese anime. Rated R, $6.00
Incubus (1965, Fox Lorber, new / sealed) - William Shatner stars in this creepy black & white movie about a beautiful demon (Allyson Ames) who falls in love with a purehearted man, angering her demon sister! This fim, made by "Outer Limits" director Leslie Stevens, was filmed entirely in the artificial language of Esperanto (with English subtitles) to suggest an otherworldly place! $9.98
Inferno in Paradise ('85, Academy, large plastic box) - $9.00
Inga (1967, Retro Seduction Cinema, new / sealed)- Joe Sarno's 60's black & white softcore classic from Sweden gets a new lease on celluloid life with this remastered release! Marie Liljedahl is young and innocent Inga who, after the death of her mother, goes to live with her sexy aunt Greta. The scheming aunt has plans to exploit the naive girl who begins to learn the ways of lust and love! This is the uncut wide-screen and English subtitled Swedish version! $14.98
Inn of 1,000 Sins (aka "Ein Echter Hausfrauenfreund" aka "Room Service" aka "Happy Gigolo", 1975, Seduction Cinema, new / sealed) - West German sexual romp about a young gigolo serving the needs of the voluptuous female tenants of a resort hotel! One day he falls for a wealthy young virgin! Will this be the end of his career? Starring Peter Hamm, Margaret Rose Keil, Eva Gross, Rose Gardner and others, and directed by Ilja Nutrof. Also inculded is the new 22 minute featurette "The Vibrating Maid" starring Misty Mundae as a college student on holiday at her fathers who gets a lesson in self-pleasure from her pop's maid! $14.98
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers ('56, Republic Pictures, new / sealed) - Creepy sci-fi classic starring Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter and Carolyn Jones. $4.98
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (‘78, MGM) - Creepy remake starring Donald Sutherland! $5.00
It Takes A Thief (‘60, Cinema Stars, new / sealed) - Jayne Mansfield crime drama! EP mode. $2.98
Jaguar Lives (TransWorld, large plastic box) - Hard to find! $12.00
Jaws ('75, MCA Universal) - wide-screen version! $2.00
Jungleground ('95, Triboro, new / sealed) - Roddy Piper stars in Urban crime drama! $2.99
Kagemusha ('80, CBS / Fox) - $3.00

Kentucky Fried Movie ('77, Media) - Original home video version of this satire classic from the makers of "Airplane", "Police Squad", etc. Directed by John Landis! A must! Rated R, $4.00

Kidnap Syndicate (original title" La Città sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori, '75, ABM, new / sealed) - Fernando Di Leo Italian crime flick with James Mason. LP mode? $3.99

Killer With Two Faces ('75, Video Late Show) - Hard to find! $10.00
Killers From Space (‘54, Goodtimes, new / sealed) - Peter Graves fights goofy looking bug-eyed space invaders and unrealistically photographed "giant" insects and lizards in this unintentionally hilarious black & white sci-fi low-budgeter! $3.98
King of New York (‘90, Avid, new / sealed) - Christopher Walken is a druglord just out of prison. Attempting to take back control of the business, he wages a war against his competition and the police! Abel Ferrara directs! EP mode. $7.98
King Of The Zombies (‘41, Alpha, new / sealed) - Comical chiller as Mantan Moreland meets a scientist & his zombie army! EP mode. $3.98
The Kirlian Witness ('81, Magnum entertainment, large plastic box) - $10.00
The Klansman ('74, Ace Video)
The Knack...And How To Get It ('65, United Artists)
Lady Frankenstein (La Figlia di Frankenstein, ‘72, UAV) - LP mode version, Rated R $3.00
The Last Knish (‘69, Bupkis) - Okay, I made this one up. So sue me. $6.66
The Last Picture Show ('71, RCA/Columbia Pictures, no box) - Rated R, $2.00
Late Night With David Letterman (Goodtimes) - Featuring John Cleese! $8.00
Laws of Gravity ('92, Triboro) - Rated R, $2.00
Lenny ('74, MGM, cut box) - Lenny Bruce bio-pic! Rated R, $2.00
Lisztomania ('75, Warner, original large size box) - Insane Ken Russell biopic on composer Franz Liszt! Starring Roger Daltrey as Liszt with Ringo Starr as The Pope! Rated R, $20.00
Little Shop of Horrors (‘60, Alpha, new / sealed) - Roger Corman’s original version! Audrey the plant needs blood! EP mode. $2.99
Lola (Neon Video, big plastic box, stickers) - Charles Bronson and Susan George star in Lolita-esque comedy! $13.00
Lumiere (‘76, Embassy) - Jeanne Moreau’s story of 4 actresses and the weekend their lives changed. English subtitled.  Rated “R” $9.00
Macross II - episodes 1 & 2 (‘92, U.S. Renditions) - Japanese anime sci-fi! Rated R, $5.00
The Magic Sword (Acme) - $4.00
A Man And A Woman (‘66 , Warner Bros.) - Anouk Aimee & Jean-Louis Trintignant in Claud Lelouch film. Dubbed. $5.00
Man Beast (‘55, Acme, new / sealed) - A young girl looks in the Himalayas for her missing brother but finds yeti terror instead! Directed by Jerry Warren. EP mode. $5.98
Mandinga (VEC, LP mode) - Mistitled budget tape, this is actually "Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle" from the same director. Rated R, $10.00
Mania ( aka "The Flesh And The Fiends", ‘59, Alpha, new / sealed) - John Gilling's grizzly grave-robbing yarn starring Peter Cushing. Under rated black & white thriller that I felt was much more atmospheric and disturbing than other UK pics from that time! EP mode, $3.98
Magical Mystery Tour-The Beatles (Apple)
Mania (United American Video)
Marat Sade (Water Bearer Films)
El Mariachi (‘93, Colmbia)Robert Rodriguez low-budget high-energy shoot-’em-up.Includes his short “Bedhead”. “R” $8.00
Massacre at Fort Holman (Video Gems, big cardboard box)
Master Of The World (‘61-Warner / big plastic box)-Vincent Price stars in Jules Verne adaptation!  $10.00
Al Adamson's Mean Mother (1973, Shock-O-Rama, new / sealed) - After pulling their last drug deal, 2 army buddies go AWOL in Viet Nam and turn against the crime bosses they once served. When they meet up in Rome, the Syndicate is hot on their trail! Starring Clifford Brown and lovely Luciana Paluzzi! $9.98
Medium Cool (‘69, Paramount)-Haskell Wexler counter culture classic starring Robert Forster. Rated R, $10.00
Medusa Against The Son Of Hercules ('62, Alpha)- Alberto De Martino's sword and sandal epic! Richard Harrison fights the one-eyed Medusa and a man-eating dragon! EP mode. $4.98
Mephisto (‘81-Thorn EMI/clamshell)-Istvan Szabo’s award winning 132 min. film set in Nazi Germany. Subtitled.  $12.00
Miller's Crossing (CBS/FOX) - Rated R $2.00
A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die (‘67, Playhouse) - Franco Giraldi intense Spaghetti Western starring Alex Cord & Arthur Kennedy. $8.00
Mission Monte Carlo (Video Galleria)
Mister Scarface (‘77, Alpha, new / sealed) - EP mode. $3.98
Model for Murder (Sinister Cinema, generic box) - $7.00
Mondo Cane (MPI, cut box) - Rated R, $5.00 Rated R
Mon Oncle (Embassy) subtitled - Jaques Tati comedy classic! $3.00
The Monkees: Collector's Edition ('66-'67, Columbia House, clamshell box). "Success Story", "Everywhere A Sheik, Sheik", "Monkees in Texas". $3.00
The Monkees: Collector's Edition ('66-'67, Columbia House, clamshell box). "Royal Flush", "Monkee Mayor", "The Christmas Show". $3.00
The Monkees: Collector's Edition ('66-'67, Columbia House, clamshell box). "Here Come the Monkees", "Too Many Girls (Davy and Fern", "Hitting the High Seas". $3.00
The Monkees: Collector's Edition ('66-'68, Columbia House, clamshell box). "The Spy Who Came In From the Cool", "Monkees at the Circus", "Monkees Mind Their Manor". $3.00
The Monkees: Collector's Edition ('66-'67, Columbia House, clamshell box). "Monkee See, Monkey Die", "Alias Micky Dolenz", "Hillbilly Honeymoon". $3.00
Monty Python And The Holy Grail (Columbia Tristar) - Rated R, $3.00
Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life (MCA Universal) - Rated R, $3.00
Murder Gang (aka Black Heat, CIC Video, cut box) - Al Adamson movie! $10.00
Murderers' Row (Columbia Tristar) - Dean Martin! $4.00
Murder For Sale (‘70, Media)- John Gavin is secret agent 117 and he’s out to stop a terroristic crime ring! Margaret Lee co-stars, with Luciana Paluzzi in this fun Italian spy film directed by Renzo Cerrato & Jean-Pierre Desagnat! $19.00
My Lucky Stars (‘85, Arena, new / sealed) - Policeman Jackie Chan gets help from a group of rag-tag crooks, The Lucky Stars, to free his kidnapped partner! Lots of action with Samo Hung, Yuen Biao, Sibelle Hu, & Lam Ching Ying! EP mode. $4.98
Muscle Beach Party (Orion) - $3.00
Naked Youth (aka Wild Youth, ‘61, Rhino)- Troubled teens head to Mexico and become involved with drugs & the mob! Original SP mode version. $6.00
Naked Youth (aka Wild Youth, '61, Rhino, ew / sealed) -Troubled teens head to Mexico and become involved with drugs and the mob! Introduced by Mamie Van Doren! EP mode version. $9.98
Naughty Nymphs (BLUTJUNG UND LIEBESHUNGRIG aka PASSION PILL SWINGERS aka DON'T TELL DADDY, 1972, Cult Cuties Video, new / sealed) - Sybil Danning is a young nurse in this West German sexploiter. She and her sisters discover aphrodisiacs in their father's pharmacy and slip it into the town's water supply causing the entire community to become sex-crazed knockwurst-stuffers overnight! With Puppa Armbruster and Diana Dors, directed by Franz Antel. $19.98
Navajo Joe (‘66, Armchair Cinema)- Sergio Corbucci classic violent Spaghetti Western starring Burt Reynolds. $15.00
The New Gladiators ("I Guerrieri dell'anno 2072", ‘83, Media)- Lucio Fulci’s sci-fi thriller similar but better than the more recent “Running Man”! $13.00
New York, New York ('77, MGM, cut box) - 2 tape set, Martine Scorcese, Rated R, $2.00
Night of the Sharks ('87, Media) - Tonino Ricci directs this crime / shark thriller starring Treat Williams. With Antonio Fargas and Janet Agren. $8.00
Night of The Sharks ('87, MNTEX, new / sealed) - Tonino Ricci directs this crime / shark thriller starring Treat Williams. With Antonio Fargas and Janet Agren. $8.98
1990: The Bronx Warriors (‘82-Media)-Enzo Castellari film w/ Vic Morrow & Fred Williamson.  Rated “R” $10.00
Nuns On The Run ('90, 20th Cent.) - Monty Python's Eric Idle stars in zany comedy! $2.00
Odds And Evens (Warner Home Video)
One Down Two To Go (Media Home Entertainment)
Order to Kill (Top Video, big cardboard box) - Rated R, $20.00
Pancho Villa (Video Gems, big cardboard box) - Spaghetti Western! $15.00
Passion (Star III Releasing)
Passions (Taurus Film)
PayDay (Thorn EMI / no box)
Penitentiary II (‘82, Xenon, new / sealed) - Kennedy returns in this wilder sequel! Look for Mr. T and Rudy Ray Moore! EP mode. $9.98
Petulia (Warner Home Video) - $5.00
Phantom Of The Opera (‘43-MCA / cut box)-Starring Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster, & Claude Rains. $3.00
Phenomenal and the Treasure of Tuntankamen (cut box) - $15.00
Pin-Up Playmates (Luna Video / many stickers) - Rated R, $18.00
Pinocchio (Faerie Tale Theatre) ('84, CBS/Fox video, cut box) - Starring Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)! $3.00
Pit And The Pendulum ('61, Orion / Goodtimes, new / sealed) - Vincent Price stars in Roger Corman's Poe adaptation! $2.98
Playmate Bloopers (PlayBoy / box is cut but complete / stickers) - Adults, $8.00
Policewomen ('72, VCI, no box) - Rated R, $3.00
Portrait of a Showgirl ('82, Prism, cut box)
Private Duty Nurses (Charter Entertainment / stickers) - Rated R, $9.00
A Private Function (Thorn EMI-HBO / no box) - $2.00
Project A II - Jackie Chan (Tai Seng Video)- English subtitled. Jackie Chan's best!
The Psychic (aka “Murder To The Tune Of 7 Black Notes”,’77, Lightning / no box) - Lucio Fulci “giallo”!   Rated R, $5.00
Psychotic (Direct Video, cut box)
Quintet ('79, CBS/Fox)-Unusual sci-fi from director Robert Altman starring Paul Newman, Vittorio Gassman, Bibi Anderson and Fernando Rey. Rated R, $3.00
The Rapture (New Line Home Video) - Rated R, $5.00
Ready To Wear ('94, Miramax)-Robert Altman' murder comedy set around the runway fashoin show industry. Rated R, $3.00
Re-Animator ('85, Vestron) - Unrated version! $30
Rebel Rousers (Paragon Video) - $5.00
Repo Man ('84, MCA) - Classic Alex Cox cult comedy! A must! With Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton and music by Black Flag, Iggy Pop and others! Rated R, $4.00
Repulsion (‘65, Cinema Stars, new / sealed) - Catherine Deneuve stars in Roman Polanski's best! EP mode. $3.98
The Revenge of Dotor X (New Horizons / rental # written on box) - Rated R, $20.00
Rivals Of The Dragon (‘7?, Alpha, new / sealed) - Jeffrey Chan in a contemporary story of kung-fu action and gang revenge! EP mode. $4.98
River Of Death ('90, Cannon)
Robocop ('87, Orion, cut box) - Rated R, $2.00
Rosemary's Baby ('68, Paramount, new / sealed) - Roman Polanski's classic urban horror starring Mia Farrow! $6.98
Rosemary's Baby ('68, Paramount, no box) - Rated R, $2.00
Roy Orbison & Friends "A Black & White Night" ('88, HBO) - 56 minute concert starring Orbison and special guests including Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and others! $3.00
The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash ('78, Rhino, new / sealed) - Monty Python’s Eric Idle masterminded this ingenious Beatles satire! With Neil Innes & appearances by John Belushi, Mick Jagger, George Harrison & others! A must! $14.98
Safari 3000 (MGM/UA / no box) - $2.00
Saint Jack (Vestron / box taped)
The Salamander (Charter Entertainment) - $5.00
Salome's Last Dance ('87, Vestron)- Ken Russell does Oscar Wilde! Starring Glenda Jackson and Imogene Millais Scott. Rated R, $5.00
Salvation (‘87-Vista / clamshell)- Corruption & sex in the televangelist profession. A film by Beth B. Rated R, $13.00
Santa Claus (Interglobal) - Bizarro Mexican children's film in color! (And dubbed in English.) LP mode, $4.00
Santa Claus (Star Classics) - $2.00
Santa Claus (Amvest Video) - $2.00
Saturday Night Fever (‘77, Paramount)-John Travolta.... Ah, you know.  Rated R, $3.00
Savage Dawn (Mntex)- Biker flick with george Kennedy, Karen Black and Richard Lynch! LP mode, $4.00
Scenes From A Murder ("L’Assassino... è al telefono", ‘72, Lightning)- Alberto De Martino directed this obscure giallo that gets little respect but I thought it was a helluva lot cooler than most recent U.S. thrillers! Telly Savalas is an assassin out to kill an actress with amnesia (Anne Heywood). Not knowing who or why anyone’s after her, she must try to regain her memory and put the pieces together in time to save her life. Rated R, $20.00
Schizo ('78, Media Home Entertainment, cut box) - Rated R, $15.00
Schizoid (MCA / considerable box wear)
Scream and Scream Again (Orion) - $4.00
Scrooge (CBS/FOX) - $5.00
Scrubbers (Thorn/EMI, clamshell box) - Rated R, $10.00
Season for Assassins (Family Home Entertainment, big cardboard box)
Seizure ('88, Prism, cut box) - Rated R,$8.00
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (‘78, MCA, new / sealed) - Peter Frampton & The Bee Gee’s destroy many Beatle songs in this hilariously dated musical with Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, & George Burns! Vomit bag not included. $6.98
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (‘78, MCA) - Peter Frampton & The Bee Gee’s destroy many Beatle songs in this hilariously dated musical w/Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, & George Burns! Vomit bag not included. Early stereo issue. $5.00
Shadey ('86, Key)- UK comedy with Patrick MacNee about a psychic that can transfer people's thoughts onto film! $7.00
Shaft (‘71, MGM, new / sealed) - Trendsetting blaxploiter that spawned a ton of imitations! Richard Roundtree is a detective who’s been hired by Bumpy, a gangster, to find his daughter! Excellent Isaac Hayes soundtrack. Y’know, they say that cat Shaft is a bad mother— Shut yo’ mouth!! $9.98
Shaft (MGM/UA) - $3.00
Shaft In Africa (MGM/UA) - $3.00
Shanghai Joe ('85,VideoLine)
S.H.E. ('78 / '80, Prism, cut box) - Omar Sharif and Cornelia Shapre. Rated R, $10.00
She Wolf (K-Beech Video)
Shock ('46, Alpha, new / sealed) - Vincent Price stars in eerie murder thriller! EP mode. $3.99
Shock Treatment (‘81, Key)-The underrated follow-up to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”! In stereo! $4.00
Shoot the Living, Pray For the Dead (All Seasons Entertainment, big cardboard box) - Spaghetti Western, $15.00
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger ('77, Columbia)-Fun fantasy adventure starring Patrick Wayne and Taryn Power with Jane seymore and special monster effects by Ray Harryhausen! $3.00
Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off (‘73, new / sealed) - Slaughter (Jim Brown) agrees to help a detective break into the guarded fortress of an L.A. branch of the mob to obtain documents listing every corrupt policeman & politician on their payroll! When the mob kidnaps Slaughter’s woman, all hell breaks loose! Co-starring Ed McMahon as a head crime boss! $9.98
Smithereens (‘83, Pan Canadian / clamshell)-Susan Seidelman’s cult hit about a young “country boy”’s move to NYC. $10.00
Soul Vengeance (aka “Welcome Home Brother Charles”,’75, Xenon, new / sealed) - See “Blaxploitation” section!  EP mode. $9.98
Spaced Out (Thorn / EMI, clamshell box) - UK sci-fi sex comedy! Rated R, $15.00
SpaceHunter (RCA / Columbia / no box) - $2.00
The Specialist ('86, VidAmerica)
Spectreman Episode 2 (no box) - $10.00
Spice World (Columbia Tristar) - $1.00
Star Wars Trilogy (Fox Video)
Stephen King's Silver Bullet ('85, Paramount, No box) - $2.00
Sting of the Dragon Masters (United Home Video, cut box placed into Erol's plastic box) - $5.00
Stoner ('74, Vestron Video, Clamshell box) - George Lazenby martial arts actioner! With Anegla Mao! $18.00
Subterfuge (SpotLite Video)
Sugar Hill ('93, 20th Century Fox, new / sealed) - Wesley Snipes stars in gritty city crime drama! $4.98
Summer Night ('87, IVE)-Lina Wertmuller's sizzling sex comedy! In Italian with English subtitles. Rated R, $8.00
Sun Bunnies (Luna Video) - Written by Ed Wood, Jr.! Rated R, $22.00
Super Brother (Electric Productions)
Super Fly (‘72, Warner, new / sealed) - Ron O’Neil is Priest, a coke-snorting drug dealer who wants out. Easier said than done, as the kingpin doesn’t want Priest to leave the business! The disagreement triggers murder, revenge & doublecrosses! A serious and well-made film that stands out! $9.98
Survival of a Dragon (Regal Video, large plastic box) - $12.00
Svengali ('31, Alpha, new / sealed) - Excellent mind control thriller, a classic! Starring Johm Barrymore and beautiful Marian Marsh! EP mode. $2.99
Swamp Diamonds (Saturn Productions) - Roger Corman aka "Swamp Women", $3.00
Swamp of The Lost Monsters ('57, Saturn)
The Swap ('79, Vestron)-Early Robert DeNiro footage was used to finish this thriller. With Lisa Blount. Rated R, $12.00
Tales of Tomorrow Vol. 1 (Nostalgia Merchant, cut box) - $5.00
Tall, Tan and Terrific ('46, HSV) - All Black cast short musical comedy feature starring Mantan Moreland! $5.00
The 10th Victim ('65, Embassy, cut box) - $5.00
The Terminal Man ('74, Warner)-A chip is implanted in a man's brain as an experiment ot eliminate violent seizures. The results are horrifying! A disturbing and mature sci-fi drama starring George Segal and Joan Hackett with Jill Clayburgh. Rated R, $10.00
Terror ('78, Crystal Film, no box) - UK horror, Rated R, $4.00
Tharus Son of Attila (Trans World, large plastic box) - $15.00
That Lucky Touch (Trans World, large plastic box)
Theater of Blood (MGM, Large MGM box) - $6.00
They Paid With Bullets: Chicago 1929 (All Seasons Entertainment, big cardboard box, some box wear, small rental sticker wear) - Italian crime movie, Rated R. $17.00
John Carpenter's The Thing ('82, Universal) - Digitally remastered wide-screen version! Rated R, $5.00
The Thing (Universal)
Thirsty Dead ('74, Interglobal) - Ridiculous but entertaining "horror" film from the Philippines starring Jennifer Billingsley and John Considine. $6.00
The Thorn ('74, Magnum Entertainment, cut box)
The Time Machine (‘60, Warner / big plastic box)-Rod Taylor stars in George Pal’s classic! With Yvette Mimieux. $10.00
The Time Machine (‘60-Warner / big plastic box)-As above  NEW! $14.00
TNT Jackson (‘74, Front Row Ent., new / sealed) - Jeanne Bell is one pissed-off black mama who goes undercover as a prostitute in Hong Kong to find the drug dealers responsible for offing her brother! With a classic topless kung-fu scene!! TNT Jackson... She'll put you in traction! EP mode. $7.98
Too Hot To Handle (‘60, Cinema Stars, new / sealed) - Jayne Mansfield stars! With Christopher Lee! EP mode. $3.98
Topaz (‘69, MCA)-Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation of Leon Uris popular spy novel. With Frederick Stafford and Karin Dor. $4.00
Traveling Companions ('78, Private Screenings)
A Town Called Hell (King of Video, cut box) - Spaghetti Western! $4.00
Troublemakers ("Botte di Natale", '94, Triboro, rental sticker on spine of tape shell) - Terence Hill directs and stars along with Bud Spencer in this Trinity-style Spaghetti Wester comedy! $7.00
Truck Turner (‘74, Orion, new / sealed) - Isaac Hayes stars (and performs the soundtrack as well) as a modern day bounty hunter who gets in over his head! Co-starring Yaphet Kotto. $9.98
The Turtles - Happy Together (Rhino, tape shell cracked)

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One Shot Productions and Los Dos Hombres present
Music by Jess Franco, Daniel White and The Ubangis
Now only $9.98 while they last!
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Jess Franco's Vampire Junction (2001, Sub Rosa, new / clamshell) - Franco's follow-up to Vampire Blues is here! Samantha Olsen, Fata Morgan and Lina Romay star in the torrid tale of a female doctor who, upon arriving to the town of Fallas, New Mexico, discovers that a bloodthirsty vampire princess of American Indian descent has chosen the unfortunate doc to be her heir! $9.98
Twice a Judas (Unicorn Video, cut box) - Spaghetti Western! $15.00
The Twilight People ('72, ABM Video, new / sealed) - Philippino lensed remake of "Island Of Dr. Moreau" starring John Ashley! Look for Pam Grier in a brief appearance as the panther woman! Grrrr, baby! $2.98
Twin Dragons ("Shuang long hui", 92, Edde) - Jackie Chan doubles the action! $2.00
Twin Peaks ('89, Warner Home Video)
200 Cigarettes ('99, Paramount) - Comedy set on New Yaer's Eve 1981! All star cast, Rated R, $2.00
Two Wrongs Make A Right ('87, Unicorn, box is cut but complete) - Obscure mob drama! Rated R, $7.00
Valley Of The Dolls ('67, Fox Video) - Classic Hollywood thrills and pills soap drama starring Sharon Tate, Patty Duke and Barbara Parkins! $5.00
Vampire Journals ('96, Full Moon)- Modern gothic horror! Rated R, $5.00
Vampyr ('31, King)
Venus in Furs ('70, NTA Home Entertainment, clamshell box) - Jess Franco! Rated R, $20.00
The Violent Professionals (Paragon video, cut box) - Rated R, $5.00
Warrior Of The Lost World (‘84, HBO, clamshell)- Italian “Road Warrior” film w/ Fred Williamson  $10.00
Watch Me When I Kill (Thorn / EMI, clamshell box) - Un-matted full-frame version. Giallo thriller! Rated R, $20.00
Westworld ('73, MGM) - $3.00
White Slave (aka "Amazonia-The Catherine Mills Story", 1984, Shock-O-Rama, new / sealed) - Directed by "Roy Garrett" (Mario Garriazzo and produced by Franco "Mondo Cane" comes this Italian lensed "based on a true story" jungle horror drama of a woman who is kidnapped by jungle savages as her parents are killed by headhunters! More tame than a lot of the cannibal films, this one still has its sick & sleazy moments. $14.98
White Zombie (‘32, Alpha, new / sealed) - The first zombie movie! Bela Lugosi stars in this moody horror classic!  EP mode. $2.98
Wild at Heart ('90, CBS Fox, cut box) -$3.00
The Wild Party ('75, Embassy) - James Coco and Raquel Welch stas in 1929 set Hollywood drama based loosely on the Fatty Arbuckle scandal! Rated R, $8.00
Wild Rebels ('67, Academy, rental stickers) - Biker film from director William Grefe starring Steve Alaimo! $8.00
Wild Things ('98, Columbia)- Ultra-sleazy giallo-esque thriller with Denise Richards and Neve Campbell (in a hot lesbian scene!) with Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon. Under rated paranoid thriller! Rated R, $3.00
Woman Times Seven ('67, Embassy, box is cut but complete) - $8.00
Women in Cell Block 7 (aka Love and Death in a Women's Prison, '70s, USA Home Video, cut box) - $13.00
Women In Fury ('84, Lightning) - Great women's prison sexploiter starring Suzane Carvalho, directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini! Rated R, $7.00
Women's Penitentiary II (aka The Big Bird Cage, '72, MCM, cut box) - $7.00
Women's Penitentiary III (aka The Big Doll House, '71, MCM, cut box) - $7.00
Women's Penitentiary 10 (aka Caged Heat, '74, MCM Entertainment, rental stickers, box is cut but complete) - Jonathan Demme directed this classic women-in-prison flick starring Pam Grier, Margaret Markov and Sid Haig! Rated R, $7.00
Wonsan Operation (‘78, Video Action/big clamshell)-Obscure Toho Studios germ-warfare drama! Note: tape was mastered with a “blank area” in middle of the film for a few minutes, possibly the "reel change". $15.00
The Yakuza (‘74, Warner / big plastic box)- Robert Mitchum in intense U.S. film about Japanese crime!  Rated R $8.00
Zoltan - The Hound of Dracula ('77, Congress, new / sealed) - WOOF!! GRRrrr.... SLURP!! $9.98
Zontar - Invader From Venus ('66, Simitar) - 2 tape set budget release of Larry Buchanon monster schlocker! EP MODE, $6.00


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